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10 local foods that will increase your sperm count

Are you the man who is trying to have kids and you are wondering what foods to eat to increase your sexual health? Here are cheap, locally available foods that will put your body up for the task:

1. Fatty fish – If you are from the lakeside, this should come as great news. Fatty fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids which boost sperm quality. Other than giving your sperms the jolt they need so that they can find the egg, Omega-3 acids also raise dopamine levels in the brain which trigger arousal.

2. Dark chocolate – Chocolate shouldn’t be just something that you buy your woman. Dark chocolate contains L-Arginine, an amino acid that will go a long way in helping you score. Not only will it increase your sperm volume, it will also increase the intensity of your orgasms.

Bars of chocolate
Bars of chocolate

3. Spinach – Now you have one more reason to make sure that you don’t miss your vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are a great source of folic acid. Lack of folic acid results in disfigured otherwise useless sperms. If you want your sperms to be able to fertilize the egg, eat your spinach.

4. Avocado – Avocado is a man’s all time super fruit. Apart from the healthy fats, an avocado fruit is packed with Folic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. What these do is charge sperms with the motility they need to penetrate the eggs.

5. Garlic – Garlic may not be the sexiest food around seeing as it leaves with bad breath. It is however definitely worth the effort as it contains vitamin B6 and selenium which prevent sperm damage. Garlic also has the power to increase your blood flow aiding your erection. By improving the blood flow to the genitals, it also helps boot the endurance and strength of sperms. Eat one or two cloves a day.

6. Red foods – These include red peppers, dried apricots, cooked tomatoes and carrots. These foods contain Vitamin A which is helps improve male fertility by growing healthy sperm. Lack of Vitamin A results in sluggish sperms.


Fresh red tomatoes
Fresh red tomatoes

7. Skip the dairy – The Kenyan man loves his meat, especially if it is roasted. If you want to put your body up to par, you are going to have to ditch the dairy. Consumption of processed meat and high fat dairy is linked to lowered sperm count. If you have to eat meat, eat lean beef which contains Zinc. Zinc will help keep your sex drive up by blocking the conversion of testosterone to Estrogen.

8. Bananas – Bananas contain a rare enzyme called Bromelain. Bromelain will boost your sexual health by increasing the production of the hormone testosterone. Bananas also contain vitamin BA which boosts the body’s sperm production abilities.

9. Eggs – It may be time to change your breakfast menu to include eggs. Eggs are high in Vitamin B12 and Selenium which is essential in the generation of tissue around the testicles. They are also a good source of antioxidants which helps regenerate body cells. The good news is that you will reap the benefits however they are prepared.

A plate of egg and fruit salad
A plate of egg and fruit salad

10.Water – This has to be the easiest and the cheapest way to improve your sperm quality. Simply drinking enough water will both increase the volume as well as the quality of your sperms. Semen is liquid based thus the more water you drink, the more you will ejaculate. Be wary of alcohol and caffeine as these will dehydrate your body.