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10 Most Annoying Habits In Nairobi Matatus

1. Passengers who refuse to open windows even in scorching weather insisting they’ll feel cold or are allergic.

2. People reading the newspaper with you in the matatu and even telling you to “wait a bit” before turning the page.

3. Passengers who snoop on their neighbour’s phone activities reading text messages and social media messages.

4. Hawkers in matatus and shoving goods on passengers’ faces.

5. Speaking loudly on phone –and one on one (especially young people in groups) – hence interrupting any activity other passengers are trying to engage in.

6. Passengers who feel exchanging pleasantries is common courtesy and insist on greeting everybody even delving into conversations that did not involve them.

7. People who eat take away fries and chicken quarter in matatus, making everyone smell the food.

8. Young and healthy Nairobians who jump the queue on bus termini making those lining up to wait longer.

9. Those who brazenly create space for their grown up “child” between themselves and another passenger who is stranger.

10. Placing heavy and large luggage on the aisle and pretending it is not yours when people want it lifted to create a way.