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10 reasons why Pastor Ng’ang’a should be a comedian

Neno Evangelism Centre boasts an unconventional leader in Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a.

As a preacher, comedian, and skilled guitarist, he captivates a massive congregation with his controversial and humorous sermons aired on Sasa TV.

In one of his sermons, Ng’ang’a asserted that he is not a bishop or a pastor and he will address things as they come.

At one point while standing among his followers, he humorously distanced himself from urban slums, claiming his residence is far removed from such locales.

“I don’t live in Kawangware like you… I don’t live in Mathare but at least you live in Mathare where you can talk to your immediate neighbours. Where I live, you can’t even talk to your neighbour, we just wave hi to each other.

But you can meet your neighbour at the kiosk which sells mutura and catch up over stories. Where I live, you can’t converse with anyone. You can’t stop someone to preach the gospel to them,” Pastor Ng’ang’a said.

Here are more controversial quote by popular Televangelist, James Ng’ang’a

Hapa ni kwa commander! 

In one of his sermons, Pastor Ng’ang’a had a rough time exorcising a stubborn demon. 

He had to command his authority on the demon to leave one of his congregants. 

Armed with anointing oil, the pastor slapped the man, ordering the devil out of him. 

“Wachana Mchezo, hapa ni kwa commander. Wachana na yeye, go down, funga mdomo yako, chukua mizigo yako uende,” Ng’ang’a told the ‘demon.’

Playful Sermons:

Ng’ang’a’s sermons take playful turns, evident when he jokingly suggested to his wife, during a service, “Babe si twende America ukanikiss huko” (Dear, let’s go to America, and you can kiss me there)

Making his church members to do push-ups

In an undated video, Pastor Ng’ang’a took an unconventional approach to a church service, turning it into an exercise session.

Leading his followers in song and dance, he later directed them to frog jump and do push-ups, blending spirituality with fitness, much to the online audience’s amusement.

Keep off my private parts!

Pastor James Ng’ang’a gave a decree on how he wants his lifeless body to be handled. He does not want a female nurse anywhere close to his body, specifically his private parts. 

“When I die, I believe my God… these female nurses will not touch my private parts.

I will die even on the road, you cannot touch my private parts saying ‘come and see Ng’ang’a’,” the preacher warned.

The Choir Master:

Beyond preaching, Ng’ang’a is a charismatic choir master who energizes the congregation. 

He dislikes dull attendees and encourages lively participation in the worship experience.

He recently chased a woman who was dozzing off during his sermons.

“Where are you from? Wake up and take your stuff. Leave and stay outside; you will come later.”

Baby Mama Drama:

Pastor Ng’ang’a has also confessed to having many women accross Kenya. 

”I tried everything and when I say I have over 70 children, I mean it. I have 3o in Ukambani, twenty something in Mombasa, Nyandarua and Murang’a. One left with a seven-month pregnancy took her clothes and she never came back. I had to call myself into a meeting.”

The father of nations 

Due to his extensive relationships, Ng’ang’a boasts many grandchildren spread across the country.

He humorously claimed to have sired children in Ukambani and playfully challenged his detractors.

“I am a grandfather to so many kids, some are in Kirinyaga, some are in Ukambani, some in Nakuru. In Kisumu I don’t have maybe one or two from those who were living in Mombasa.

But in Ukambani,(Nimetaga mayai Ukambani. I laid eggs there.)

Sometimes, I go to Ukambani and look at people and say, this looks like me.

Kujeni mfunge! Stupid! Bold Challenge to the Government:

In October, he strongly criticized the government for what he perceives as “overburdening Kenyan citizens with tax increases.”

Ng’ang’a made these remarks during one of his recent live church service at Neno Evangelism in Nairobi.

He asserted that church leaders who dare to speak truth to power often find their churches facing closures.

Ng’ang’a, as a man of God, emphasized his commitment to speaking the truth and openly challenged the government to close his church if they so desired.

“I am speaking the truth as an apostle. The state of the economy is dire, yet you are spending public funds recklessly. Taxes keep rising, and when someone criticizes, you shut down their church. If you want, you can come and shut down mine!” Pastor Ng’ang’a said.

Ultimatum for Singles:

Controversial pastor Ng’ang’a has given single Kenyans a six month ultimatum to get married.

In a video doing rounds on 

“If you are not married, I am giving you ‘maltimatum’ of six months from now. Or else…Why would you claim your partner was stolen by someone else? Stop nonsense. Don’t tell me about mpango wa kando (side dishes). Tell me about your diseases and accidents. Tell me about your weaknesses because most married women have problems,” he said.