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10 things every Form One needs to know about life in high school

Form one students will be joining high schools from this week and with that comes a lot of adjusting.

There are vital survival tactics worth carrying along as the they enter this new phase in their lives.

Here are some we have compiled.

1. Four years is not a long time
Having come from a grueling eight years, you maybe cheated to think four years is just half the time you were in primary. While mathematically true, please note that the four years will pass by so fast, before you realise it you will be sitting for the KCSE examinations. So make use of your time wisely.

2. Bullying is still alive, even in the best schools
Though outlawed, a section of senior students will not let you settle down in peace. You will most probably encounter bullies. Gather guts and speak up.

Asking for a transfer to another school will not cure the problem.  Make good friends, stay away from trouble and you will not fall victim to bullying.

3. No more notes on the blackboard
By now you know you are a big boy/girl so a lot, including the learning methods, will change. Listen keenly to the teachers, notes will either be dictated or you will be expected to flesh them out during lessons.

4. The subjects are more
That science class will now be subdivided into Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Good thing is you will get a chance to know what you enjoy most and probably fine tune your career path. Social studies will become Geography, History and Religion and that too will enable you to determine your strength.

Determine where your strengths lie early because in two years you will be faced with the challenge to pick your favourites. Your career choice will be determined by your performance in those subjects.

5. You will look the part
It’s time to graduate from those shorts and dresses to long trousers and skirts. Its called…growing up. Enjoy your new look. Soon you will drop the uniforms and adopt a civilian look in college.

6. Peer pressure is real
Stay away from schoolmates who drink alcohol and use narcotics. You will find them in all schools. If you notice a trait that contradicts your upbringing, keep off. Peer pressure works in seconds!.

7. School food sucks
Unless you are going to those international schools, please lower your expectations on the school menu. School food can never resemble your home food. If you were a day scholar in primary school, suck it up and eat what is offered by the school. After all, its just four years.

8. The school captain is a big deal
I know probably your head boy/girl was not overall and not in charge of discipline, but welcome to high school where the captain can punish you. Respect them and stay away from trouble. You don’t want to be the form one who crossed the captain.

9. Make good choices
From day one, choose wisely on the company you keep. Do not be enticed by those popular groups. Take time to study fellow students. Take every class seriously. Enjoy every opportunity and moment, you won’t be in high school for long.

10. Be kind
If you are in a position to help, go on and do it. One day you will need help as well. Use all those cautious words you were taught by your teachers and parents, you never know how a simple sorry can save the day.