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10 Things that tell whether your boyfriend is husband material

By HILARY KIMUYU October 10th, 2015 2 min read

Ask any girl in Nairobi and she will admit that find the ‘right’ guy is not easy in this city. That explains why many girls go out of their way to justify why they are in bad relationships.

To all the ladies out there here are simple rules of thumb which show whether who you have in your life is a husband material or a joker:

1. He appreciates your beauty – Stop putting up too much makeup, a girl should sometimes feel comfortable being without makeup and still look attractive to the man in her life.

A guy should also make a girl feel appreciated all the time, whether that means you are going out for the night or just relaxing at home in your shots and those free promotional t-shirts.

2. He takes you out on dates – A good boyfriend doesn’t have to spend lots of money to make you smile. All he has to do is put a little bit of thought into a fun way to spend time with you.

Picnics and dinner will go along way but calling you over at midnight once he has already gone out drinking with his friends doesn’t count as a date.

3. He constantly tries to “be better.” – A good boyfriend is one who doesn’t stop caring for you once you are in a relationship but constantly tries to win you over.

4. He openly admires you – Your guy should always make you feel as if he looks up to you and respects you. He should make you know that he is attracted to you and cherishes you for who you are.

5. He is open and honest with you – The perfect boyfriend will always be open and honest with you. You should never have to question how he is feeling. That is what makes a good relationship.

6. He has a source of income – A good boyfriend should have ways of making money; he should be able to stand on his own and not depend on others.

7. He supports your decisions – If he is in love with you, then he should never shoot down. If he doesn’t agree or like a decision you’ve made, he should tell you in a nice way but if it’s something important to you he should support you.

8. He has a house – A good guy should have his own place to live. He should not take you to his friend’s house or spend time in a cheap motel.

9. He considers you his best friend – At the end of the day, your boyfriend should want to spend more time with you than anyone else. You are his best friend and you should feel the same way about him.

10. He knows his alcohol limit – A good boyfriend knows when he has had enough for the road irrespective of whether he is indulging in free booze or he is buying himself. He remembers that he left his girl home or that she is out with him and he needs to take her home.