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10 things to know about Governor Kingi

1. He loves clubbing and always drives himself when going out with close friends.

2. His favourite joints in Nairobi are Galileo Lounge, Skyluxx Lounge, Soho’s and Mercury at ABC. The VIP is always reserved him by the management.

3. He likes drinking cognacs like Hennessy and a variety of smooth whiskies.

4. Kingi loves to interact with celebrities, especially musicians, and often hits the clubs with them.

5. He banned discos played in social functions like weddings and funerals in Kilifi County in order to prevent school-going children from partying.

6. He announced that he would enroll for karate lessons after his bodyguard was killed in 2012 at a rally by a group of machete-wielding goons suspected to be members of Mombasa Republican Council.

7. He joined active politics in 2007 when he was elected the Member of Parliament for Magarini until 2013. He successfully gunned for Kilifi governorship.

8. He was probed by Anti-corruption officials over his official residence that is valued at Sh145 million and was said to have been acquired irregularly and without following the Public Procurement and Disposal Act.

9. He studied law at the University of Nairobi and was in private practice in Mombasa before joining politics.

10. He is married to Liz Kingi and together they have two children.