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10 things to know about Millie Odhiambo

1. She calls herself Amilo Geza Geza Mrembo wa Suba (Millie the Suba Beauty) because she is half Luo and half Suba.

2. The Mbita MP does not have any children but has a step daughter who is in Botswana.

3. She is married to a Zimbabwean (Mabona).

4. Millie, now 48, met her husband online. “He came at a time I had purposed to block any relationship from my life then he landed from nowhere with a thud into my heart,” Millie told Sunday Nation Lifestyle recently.

5. When she is in Zimbabwe, she cooks, washes clothes and cleans the house. Her hectic lifestyle in Kenya cannot allow her to do all that.

6. Her favourite dish is traditional/ethnic- osuga, omena, githeri, mrenda.

7. If you stole all her makeup, she will hardly notice. “I wear very minimal make-up. Usually I just douche powder and sometimes not even that. I am a very beautiful woman.  God blessed me with a good skin and face – not the best but I can’t complain too much. Then I am a little allergic to lipstick and lip gloss so I skip that,” Millie says.

8. She is proud of her behind. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made I have no apologies for having a good behind because I am not in the business of contradicting God!” she told Lifestyle.

9. She is a lawyer by profession. She started her professional career at the State Law office as a State Counsel. Millie also worked at Fida as a legal officer advising and representing women.

10. Her father, Harrison Odhiambo, died in a boat accident in 1973, a year before he could vie for Mbita parliamentary seat in 1974.