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10 times Google Translate got its Swahili wrong

By NAIRA HABIB January 8th, 2018 1 min read

Search engine giant Google remains the favourite whenever a person has a question about something or someone or just simply to seek clarification.

But is all the information accurate?

Google Translate, a free service that instantly translates words and phrases between English and other languages, is struggling to accurately translate new age words mostly used by millennials.

Some of the words and phrases have very interesting, if not hilarious translations.

Here are a few of the words.

Hanging out – Kunyongwa Nje

Slay Queen – Kuua Malkia


Throw Back – Kutupa Nyuma

We Shall Revist – Tutarudi Tena

Give away – kutoa mbali

Nasa Hao – Please them

Sleep Over – Usingie


Crush a Party – Kuponda Chama

Chilling – Kuchia

Freebies – Burebies