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10 times Uhuru and Ruto were ‘boys’

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are known to be bosom buddies, severally referring to each other as ‘my friend’ throughout their campaigns and in their ongoing leadership tenure.

Here are ten moments when they openly expressed their friendship.

1. During the making of their campaign video
The buddies were captured goofing around during the filming of the Jubilee campaign video in which they highlighted their manifesto.

2. When they insisted on kneeling down during swearing in
After the 2013 elections, the two insisted to kneel down for a prayer session during swearing in. The move perplexed many government officials including the then Chief of the Kenya Defense Forces Julius Karangi.

The DP later admitted that General Karangi was their biggest hurdle and they chose not to tell him in advance, but even as they knelt down he told them the commander in chief cannot kneel when soldiers are standing.

3. When they donned similar dress code and folded sleeves during cabinet unveiling
The President and his deputy emerged from statehouse wearing white shirts with folded sleeves along with black pants and red ties. The two were likened to high school students who were uniforms.

4. When Ruto revealed their secrets during the first prayer breakfast
During the 2013 national prayer breakfast, the DP asked the president to forgive him for what he was about to reveal, he said that after winning the election as they went to statehouse to see former president Mwai Kibaki they first prayed.

5. When Ruto revealed their small talk about speeches
During the 2013 media breakfast at Statehouse, the DP said the president always accuses him of making long speeches and urges him to keep it short but on that day the cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i and editor Macharia Gaitho had made the longest speeches despite sharing a table with the president.

6. When Ruto asked the president to sing during a prayer breakfast
During the 2014 in his breakfast conversation with the president he had admitted that he too went to Sunday school and Ruto had asked the president to sing and he agreed on condition that everyone joins in.

7. When the two exchanged notes during Madaraka Day celebrations
During the 2014 Madaraka Day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium, the DP wrote a note to the President and passed it through the first lady.

The President read the note and laughed while exchanging cheeky glances with the DP and he too wrote back.

8. When they feasted on meat in Kajiado
Like ordinary buddies the two made a rare spectacle when they shared some Nyama Choma on the same table in Kompa, Kajiado County.

9. When Ruto urged the President to hit the gym
After running in the first lady’s beyond zero 2015 marathon, the DP said he usually does 10 kilometres on the tread mill and it was the first time he was hitting the road. He said the President will have to hit the gym before joining in the marathon ad he had bought him some running pants.

10. When Uhuru laughed at his humble beginning

During the DP’s younger brother’s burial on Wednesday, the two stepped away from their security detail and talked for about 10 minutes while cracking jokes outside the DP’s first two roomed house.