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10 unique facts: The real Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami, a prominent Kenyan businesswoman and award-winning African entrepreneur, has been trending after announcing that she has embraced Christianity.

In a heartfelt social media post, Michelle detailed her spiritual journey, describing how she encountered God nine months ago.

While she has long been a fixture in the public eye, her recent revelation has prompted many to look deeper into her personal history and the experiences that have shaped her.

Growing up Catholic

Michelle shared that her faith journey began in a devout Catholic household.

“I grew up Catholic, my dad was a staunch Catholic. I went to their schools from kindergarten. I grew up rooted in the church,” she explained.

However, as she transitioned into adulthood, she says she felt herself drifting away from her religious roots.

“At some point in life, I lost some sight of Jesus. I lost my path, getting influenced by my sinful self.”

Facing trauma

She candidly discussed the traumas she faced as a young adult.

” My traumas were painful experiences from human beings. It was from friends, family, relationships, partners. They all hurt differently,” she revealed.

Raised by a strict father

Michelle emphasised that despite her struggles, she has always strived to maintain her moral integrity.

“I have never been immoral, and those close to me know that. My dad, Edward Haggai Ntalami, was very strict. Promiscuity and fornication are not what God showed me as part of my sins in His vision,” she said.

Addressing critics who have attempted to malign her character, she encouraged kindness and understanding.

“I have never been what some people have tried to paint me as. It is the quickest thing to attack a woman. I have come to Christ; why does a person want to attack me for that? I didn’t look for Jesus; He looked for me.”

Here are other things you should know about Michelle:

  • Defines herself as Androsexual (attracted to men)
  • Is an Alumnus of Loreto High School, Limuru.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Design and Communication from the University of Nairobi, First-Class Honors
  • Holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Interior Design and Branding from Florence Design Academy, Italy.
  • Is the CEO of Marini Naturals.
  • She has three siblings.
  • Lost her dad to cancer in 2014.

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