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10 Ways of repairing a damaged relationship

By MERCY NJOKI September 13th, 2015 2 min read

A damaged romantic relationship has the ability to bounce back again. But this entirely depends with the people in the relationship.

Renown family and marriage counsellor Phillip Kitoto laid out the following tips on how to repair a damaged romantic relationship between two people.

1. Be willing to make sacrifices that will give opportunity for a new start

Repairing a damaged relationship requires you get out of your comfort zones and be willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the relationship.

2. Take responsibly of your mistakes

In order to make any progress, accept that you are wrong if really you are and be willing to swallow your pride and ego. In addition, be willing to compromise. When mending a broken relationship, things do not have to go your way.

3. Avoid company that will corrupt your efforts to repair a damaged relationship

Don’t listen to peoples’ advice. Hear what they have to say but be the final decision maker. After all it’s about all about you and your partner.

4. Request for forgiveness

Saying sorry particularly in cases where you feel you were right takes love and boldness. Requesting to be forgiven doesn’t mean you are weak or have low self-esteem. It shows strength and maturity.

 5. Pay attention to what will help the relationship recover

Whatever doesn’t, leave it.

6. Stop fighting the offender

Instead of engaging in a cat fight, dialogue is always a good remedy. Engage in a conversation if you intend to save the damaged relationship.

7. Dig out more

Find out what is ailing the relationship. Discuss the issues, one by one. Speak out your feelings and line of thought clearly, without remorse or raising your voice.

8. Attach value to the relationship

Humans were created to be in relationships. You will only be able to repair a damaged relationship if you have value and if  it and it deems important to you.

9. Make time to work on yourself

Nurture yourself from your relationships’ experience and work towards making yourself a better person in the relationship.

10. Commit yourself

Commit to the journey of repairing a damaged relationship however difficult. Free yourself from emotions of pain, guilt anger etc.