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10-year-old boy circumcises himself with knife after being mocked by peers

A 10-year-old Kenyan boy remains in a state of intense pain, after he circumcised himself using a kitchen knife.

The Class Two boy from Itare village, Kisii County made the bizarre move after his parents failed to raise Sh1,000 to cater for his initiation rite.

The boy reportedly performed the cut about three weeks ago after facing ridicule from his peers who had undergone the cut.

The boy was taken to a dispensary and later transferred to the Kisii County Referral Hospital but later returned home because his mother could not afford the specialized treatment.

Tabitha Rebera, the boy’s mother, said that she returned from work at around 1pm and the boy informed her that he was not feeling well.

“When I looked I found out that he had hurt himself. I tried to inquire more from him but he refused to tell me what had happened,” said the mother.

The boy’s condition continues to worsen after the wound failed to heal. The boy is also experiencing difficulty urinating.

Samwel Momanyi, an activist in Kisii County, urged the government to intervene and help the boy get the required treatment.

“This child does not sleep, he is in constant pain, if there is anyone who can help him please do,” said Mr Momanyi.

The minor is set to remain at home longer after schools re-opened on Monday.