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101 Ethiopians arrested in Tassia for illegal stay

Police in Embakasi on Monday arrested 101 Ethiopian nationals for being in the country illegally.

The men, who said that they were heading to South Africa, were found in a three bed-roomed house in Tassia Estate.

Officers from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit (SCPU) got information from members of the public that three buses had dropped the suspicious men early Monday morning.

Head of SCPU Noah Katumo said three Kenyans suspected to be involved in their trafficking were also arrested.

“They did not have travel documents and were in the country illegally. That is why we arrested them,” Mr Katumo said, adding that there have been several similar cases in the past.

“We are concerned about such immigrants because of the terror threat the country is facing” Mr Katumo said.

Embakasi OCS Victor Nyongesa said the immigrants together with their hosts will be arraigned in court Tuesday morning.