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11 thugs shot dead across Nairobi in bloody Friday night

Police gunned down 11 suspected thugs on Friday night in different robbery incidents across Nairobi.

In Buru Buru. four suspects were shot dead after they robbed a woman of her purse and mobile phone.

According to the police, the four men were all on a motorbike and after robbing the woman, she screamed alerting officers on patrol who responded.

Police recovered two pistols, six rounds of ammunition and the stolen handbag and phone.

In Umoja Innercore, police killed two suspected criminals who were on a motor cycle after a chase.

In another shooting incident, police shot and killed two suspected thugs at Garden Estate at around 11 pm. Officers from the Special Crime Prevention Unit found a pistol with seven bullets in the incident as they patrolled the area. Two other suspects escaped.

They said they the four, who were on foot, intended to commit a crime.

Another suspect was shot and killed after police laid an ambush and managed to shoot a wanted criminal nicknamed ‘Kifaru’ at Mowlem Heights Estate in Maili Saba area.

According to the police, the thug was shot after officers had prior knowledge of plans to rob a mall in the area and used waylaid the thugs.

Two others were killed in Ridgeways within Muthaiga after they shot at officers who ordered them to identify themselves.

Meanwhile in Athi River, a woman who was hanging her clothes on Saturday morning noticed a body which had been dumped near her apartment.

According to police, the body was identified as that of Christopher Wambua who is a butcher in the area.

The body had several wounds to the neck and police suspect he was killed at a local pub and his body dumped where it was discovered.