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You can now transfer money across Safaricom, Telkom

Safaricom and Telkom will from Thursday allow their subscribers to transfer mobile money across the two networks.

Safaricom and Telkom has announced that cash transfers across M-Pesa and T-Kash will be credited directly to the receiver’s mobile money wallet.

The announcement was made in an advertisement on local newspapers on Tuesday.

“Today, Safaricom and Telkom have announced the integration of their mobile money platforms, allowing customers to transfer funds from M-Pesa to T-kash and vice versa,” read part of the advert.

“The customer can make a withdrawal from their own network agent and will not be pressured to withdraw the money within 7 days.”

The first phase of the interoperability initiative began with Airtel and Safaricom.


In the new deal, customers will send cash directly to other networks from the mobile money menu.

For instance, on the mySafaricom App, Safaricom has added a new option of “Send to Other Networks”. The amount sent must be more than Sh100 and there will be no extra transaction charges.

“The only condition for enjoying interoperability is that the customer must be registered for either T-Kash, Airtel Money or M-Pesa. Customers who are not registered on any mobile money will continue to receive voucher codes,” the advert read.

The last phase of mobile money interoperability, between Telkom and Airtel, will be launched later, upon completion of the necessary processes.