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Karua throws Twitter shade at Melania Trump

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua on Sunday threw shade at US First Lady Melania Trump by questioning her role in public service.

Melania had during her Egypt trip stated that she wished people could appreciate her work and stop discussing what she wears during the Africa tour.

Karua retweeted the statement asking; “And what do you do madam?”

Melania was in the continent to advance her campaign for children’s rights using her Be Best program.

She partnered with several first ladies and made donations that will better the lives of children in Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt.

Julian replied; “Do people actually care what she does? I don’t think so.”

Jonsnowledge stated; “Wow bow down to the queen of shade. ????.”

M’itonga wrote; “She does modeling ma’am. Just that, nothing serious really.”

Gideon Kirui stated; “In simple media should focus on his activities not what she puts on its clear.”

Denise Kosgei replied; “Madam, focus on the issues facing your country Kenya coz ya @FLOTUS huyawezi.”