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152 KIDS students miss Knec exams

By Ouma Wanzala November 12th, 2019 1 min read

A total of 152 students of Kenya Institute of Development Studies (KIDS) in Nairobi were on Tuesday locked out of this year’s business examination that is being administered by Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec).

The students could not sit for the examination after it emerged that despite having paid the registration fee, the institution did not submit required documents to Knec to facilitate their registration.

The students received the information that they would not be sitting for the examination a day to the start of the exercise.


The students protested the decision but the management insisted that nothing could happen since the deadline had lapsed.

The college is situated on Tumaini house behind Kencom.

On Tuesday, the principal of the college Juma Nyongesa admitted that the students had registered for the examinations but won’t write it.

“Our students were registered, there is paper for the same. However, there was a challenge in submitting the physical documents in time hence affecting dispatch of materials,” said Mr Nyongesa.

He claimed that the issue had been addressed by Knec and a way forward given to students.

“Begging next year, the November series has been rescheduled to March. Therefore those who missed will sit for the examination in March,” said Mr Nyongesa.