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16 minors, 2 adults arrested at house party in Kahawa Wendani

By Walter Menya November 28th, 2020 1 min read

Police have arrested 16 minors and two adults who were found partying in a house in Kahawa Wendani on Saturday.

Ruiru Deputy County Commissioner, Geoffrey Githinji Ithai, said police were were informed that minors were partying in a house along Bungoma road.

“Our officers found 18 people, two of whom were 18 years old. The rest were 16 years old. The birthday party was for two of them,” he said.

Most of those arrested were from Kahawa Wendani while one was from Juja and another all the way from Buruburu.

“They were drinking as they partied,” said Mr Ithai.

Police took them to the local station but because of the congestion in the cells, they were granted police bonds. They are required to report to the station on Sunday morning.

“We will contact the parents. We have given ourselves until Tuesday to investigate the matter and find the source of the drinks,” the administrator said.

The adult occupant of the house is said to have been at work, with no idea what was taking place back home.

“What these children are doing is what they see their parents doing at home. We are appealing to parents to closely monitor their children, especially during the day,” said Mr Ithai.

He announced a ban on all parties as part of efforts to curb the spread of the virus in the sub-county.

This case is the latest in a series involving minors caught partying and drinking alcohol, in defiance of rules for containing the virus.