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16-year old boy murdered in Kayole for flirting with man’s lover

A 16-year-old boy was murdered in Matopeni, Kayole estate in Nairobi after he was allegedly found flirting with another man’s lover on Sunday.

Sharrif Omondi is said to have been beaten by three men, who are well known to him, after he was found chatting up the woman near a local kiosk at around 10 p.m.

His brother, Shadrack Ochieng, said Sharrif had just arrived from a restaurant where he worked as a waiter.

“He just entered the house, dropped his jacket and said that he needed to get something to eat,” Mr Ochieng said.

He said as he remained in the house awaiting his brother, a neighbor knocked and told him that Sharrif had been beaten and that he was lying on the ground near the shop.


“I went to the scene. He was on the ground, bleeding from his nose and was unconscious and there were several people surrounding him,” Mr Ochieng said.

The deceased had several bruises on his body.

The three attackers escaped after beating the teenager.

The deceased was rushed to the Mama Lucy Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Kayole OCPD, Ali Nuno said police went to the Mama Lucy Hospital and found the body of the teen lying on the floor of the hospital.

“The body had injuries inflicted by a blunt object around his neck and on the head,” Mr Nuno said, adding that the police had begun investigations into the incident.

Mr Nuno said no arrest have been made in connection with the murder but said those who committed the crime are well known and that police were pursuing them.


Mr Ochieng said that on Monday, the morning after the incident, one of the suspects whom he said was a neighbor, was seen in his house but escaped when the neigbours called the police to arrest him.

The deceased, according to his brother, moved to Nairobi in June last year to look for casual employment because his parents were unable pay for his high school fees.

He had been working at the restaurant since July.

Elsewhere, a man was found dead on the driver’s seat of a salon car that had been parked in Posta area in Kayole at 5 p.m on Sunday.

The man, later identified as John Kibet Chepkwony, 35, was found in the car belonging to the Immigration Department after members of the public alerted police.

the car had been parked at the spot at 9 a.m.