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Tiktoker Mike Muchiri: I always have content

Content creator Muchiri Mike has opened up on the challenges that come with the profession.

The funnyman, in a recent online interview, explained he has to be creative on a daily basis so as to be in a position to produce consistent content that fans will relate to.

He also narrated how he came up with his main skit character Mama Mike saying he observed the character for a while, and was partly inspired by his mother.

“It started off randomly, out of boredom,” he recalled.

“The first video that I did blew up and went viral. I didn’t expect it to perform the way it did so when I noticed people liked it and it was getting views and likes, I decided to continue with that character.”

“I am a very observant person. I am constantly looking for content. The inspiration for mama mike character was not entirely my mom. My mom is Kikuyu so to some extent she has inspired some of the videos. But I get my content from anyone and anywhere.”

He also observed that he specifically chose on the mama Mike character because he knew it would bring forth several content ideas.

Muchiri, who doubles up as a gospel singer, shared that among many challenges a content creator can face including come up with content that is relevant to his followers.