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20 ‘absurd’ County by-laws Nairobians thoughtlessly ignore

Have you ever come across some rules and regulations; and their immediate consequences that you find dumbfounding and all you can do was roll your eyes and move on with your life as you please? Well, the by-law offenses listed by the Nairobi County Government could be reason for many Nairobians roll their eyes for their potential absurdity despite the seriousness of the matter. Take a look at the following by-laws and tell us which one stuck with you the most:

According to the General Nuisance of the by-laws, it is an offense to:

  1. Making any kind of noise on the streets- touts, hawkers and pastors in Nairobi’s CBD, did you know this?
  2. Causing any risk to users through destruction of a building or road- team maandamano, mpo?
  3. Causing risk of users through inadequate fenced or unfenced land, lack of repair, protection, removal or enclosure; leaving things around that may make one to fall or and discharge a missile in or near a street.
  4. Destroy the surface of a public street.
  5. Willfully blocking a free passage or removal/displacement of any County property.
  6. Cutting down a tree without a permit from the County.
  7. Playing any game, riding or driving or propelling on a foot path- How many times have you seen vehicles with County registration number plates driving or parked on footpaths and no clumps in sight?
  8. Defacing any building by writing signs or grafting- Flossin Mauwano, did you know this?
  9. Depositing any type of material or waste on the streets- You only have to walk down to Marikiti in the CBD and see that they have no care for these by-laws.
  10. Spitting on any foot path or blowing the nose aimlessly other than into any suitable clothe or tissue- Rickety matatus plying route number 9 will take you here, no worry.
  11. Committing any act contrary to public decency.
  12. Loitering, importuning or attempting to procure a female/male for prostitution purpose- Travelers via Luthuli, River Road and K-Street, did you get home safe?
  13. Defecating or urinating on a street or any other space- but then there’s this video of the woman in the lift…
  14. Conveyance of open food in a manner likely to cause contamination- as Rashid Abdalla would say, ‘sisemi kitu.’
  15. Keeping any animal or poultry which cause a nuisance to any resident in the neighborhood- but, jogoo wa shambani does wika mjini, I can confirm this with my neighbor and she has not been reprimanded or fined by anyone.
  16. Washing, repairing or dismantling any vehicle in a prohibited area except in the case of emergency.
  17. Touting for passengers- Nairobi ‘haIwork!’
  18. Failure to observe traffic lights or zebra crossing.
  19. Driving or permitting to be driven in any overloaded vehicles such that its contacts are spilling- Have you ever been in a public service vehicle on route 19/60?
  20. Allowing hedges and tree to encroach and pose a danger to traffic movement.
Do you believe Nairobi ‘Inawork’ considering all these above offenses are committed daily and on a large scale but no tangible consequences and resolutions are seen? Do let us know…

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