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2020: Theatrics in Court

The things that can land you in police custody or in courts are as weird as some of the outrageous reasons that cause them.

For instance, a youthful man was on July 20 arrested at Makadara law courts and detained briefly after throwing an infant into a police land cruiser.

The man had just learnt that his wife was a prostitute after she admitted prostitution charges alongside seven other sex workers charged with stealing Sh105,000 from a man they had hunted and stupefied with drugs before gang-raping him at a City brothel.

His wife had lied to him that she had been arrested for not wearing a face mask although she was arrested for stealing from a man she raped and transferred money to herself from his phone.

He had stayed with the infant during the period his wife was held at Mwiki police station after her arrest.

Luckily for him, the infant was not injured and police did not want to press charges of assaulting the child on him. He was set free.

The eight pleaded guilty to prostitution and living off proceeds of prostitution, and denied other charges including conspiracy to commit a felony and inducing the man with stupefying substances.

The eight were arrested at the said brothel on July 18, 2020.

Senior principal magistrate Angelo Kithinji released them on a Sh20,000 cash bail.

At the Kibera law courts, a man demanding Sh35 million “sanitation fee” from his ex-girlfriend lest he exposes her nude pictures was charged with demanding property with written threats.

James Muchunu Maina allegedly demanded the money from his ex-lover who is planning to get married to her new man “to sanitise” her naked pictures from his phone and “allow her a clean marriage”.

Police said Maina sent a text to the victim demanding the money on July 10 contrary to section 299 of the penal code.

“(Sh) 20 million na io ni juu am fair, you want to become a wife who is clean? No add 15m more. I want (Sh) 35M. 35M for you to become his wife, a clean wife,” the text read.

The two broke up in mid-2018 and Maina allegedly resorted to using the pictures he had taken of the victim while asleep and naked to intimidate her to give him the money failure to which he would make the pictures public.

Maina denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Derrick Kuto of Kibera. He was freed on bond.

At the same court, a youthful man admitted charges of creating disturbance at his girlfriend’s house after she declined to buy him cigarettes but denied threatening to stab her.

David Nderitu Nguyo pleaded guilty to charges of causing a breach of peace at Wanjiru Mugwe’s house by threatening to stab her inside her house in Wanyee in Riruta, Nairobi on October 9.

But Nguyo told Chief Magistrate Abdul Lorot of Kibera law courts that he had only resisted being kicked out of the house by his girlfriend who was housing him.

He told the court he locked himself inside the house of his “guardian angel” as his girlfriend planned to throw him out.

Nguyo claimed he had been living there after he was evicted from his own house for not paying rent, prompting him to lock himself in Ms Mugwe’s house as she tried to kick him out.

And a Makadara court was in February treated to theatrics when a church elder and his wife traded accusations of adultery after the husband was charged with assaulting his wife.

Nahashon Thuo who allegedly attempted to throw his wife over the balcony from the first floor during a domestic fight was accused of assaulting her.

He denied the charges before chief magistrate Heston Nyaga.

Nyaga sought to know the extent of injuries inflicted on the complainant and the relationship between the two before setting bond and bail terms for Thuo when it turned out the two were a couple.

Thuo claimed the charges arose from longstanding differences between them and Nyaga called out the suspect’s wife to respond when the two began the exchange.

But the wife said Thuo acts nothing like a church elder he is, has been battering her since last year but she covered it to protect their children until the latest incident in which she claimed he attempted to throw her over the balcony.

She said Thuo has been insecure owing to her beauty and has been suspecting her of having affairs, battering her frequently and has kicked her and her son out of their home.

“I kept quiet because I knew my children were awaiting exams. He has been suspicious of me always getting furious every time he sees a man near me although I know he has affairs with certain girls and I had decided never to confront him,” she said.

But Thuo claimed she had been cheating on him. He said on the day they fought she had been dropped home by a man past midnight.

“She texted my son to ask him whether I was home and if I looked like I was angry. She told him to tell me she was with Jane. But later, a double cabin [pick up] slowly passed near or home and dropped her,” Thuo said.

And that is not all. In the same court, a 35 – year – old man pleaded guilty to charges of causing malicious damage to his mother’s property.

Simon Chege admitted damaging Monica Kingoi’s ceiling board worth Sh 6,000 in Uthiru, Nairobi on November 29.

Monica told the court that she saw her son removing the ceiling board and when she asked him, he hurled insults at her.

He reportedly told his mother that the house was no longer her’s because she had started affairs with other men after his father’s death.

Chege is said to have destroyed rafters and electric cables prompting Kingoi to report him at Kabete police station.