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2023 plans: Abel Mutua targets to make Sh25m in his next movie project

Veteran actor and filmmaker Abel Mutua has announced plans to produce another mega project in 2023. Mutua has been in the acting industry for more than 16 years now.

Mutua had revealed that he will be releasing a movie every year as PhilIt Production – a company he co-owns with Philip Karanja.

Announcing one of his major 2023 projects, Mutua said that with his team, Phil production, they will be filming their third movie since 2020.

He targets to make Sh 25 million during the night of the premiere. He also said the project will open opportunities for young people.

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“I am looking for 100k people to watch it once it premieres. So expect a lot of noise from me this year, a lot. I don’t know if you guys understand but if you don’t like noise, it’s best if you block me now because the noise will be insane,” he said in a post.

“May you all be uplifted this year coz I need y’all to be able to afford 250 bobs to watch my film.”

He added that the hero in the film will be a state Officer.

“So I’ll need quite a few favours from people in government.”

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Last year Mutua revealed that he spent more than Sh 7 million in the production of the movie Click Click Bang.

The scriptwriter said the money they get from making films is not to eat or build a house in Runda but to help them push the next films.

“When it gets to a point, it’s not sustainable, that will look so bad, especially how we have made so much noise over this. It must work,” he said.

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During last year’s Kalasha Awards, Mutua and his team from PhilIt Production took home a total of six awards.

Mutua and Karanja, and the PhilIt team won Best Viewers Choice Award (Feature Film) for their film Click Click Bang.

In an interview with Nairobi News back then, he said the team made a profit of almost Sh2 million from the movie after making Sh 9 million.

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