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21 passengers who travelled with covid-19 patient to Nakuru now risk being arrested

Passengers who travelled in a bus from Mombasa to Nakuru, where one of the commuters is reported to have tested positive to coronavirus have been given until 6pm today (Tuesday) to present themselves to police or face arrest when found.

Rift Valley Regional commissioner George Natembeya, on Tuesday said that the Dreamliner Bus had a total of 21 passengers and they have not yet been able to locate any of them.

This means 21 people who could possibly have contracted the virus are roaming free.

The bus left Mombasa on March 26 and arrived in Nakuru in the morning on March 27.

The bus is believed to have been the one that carried the Covid-19 patient who came into contact with a soldier from Lanet Barracks.

The Barracks is currently under total lockdown.

“Tarehe 26 saa moja jioni iko bus ilitoka Mombasa inaitwa Dreamliner ambayo ilifika hapa Nakuru asubuhi saa moja na nusu on the 27, hiyo gari ilileta yule mtu mmoja ambaye alipatikana kuwa positive, yule alikuwa kule Lanet,” Natembeya while speaking from the newly opened information centre in Nakuru.

“Tumelocate tumefuatilia hiyo bus tumepata list ya wale watu walikuwa kwa ile bus, ilikuwa na watu 21 na so far hawa watu hatujapata hata mmoja. We are going to activate our teams on the ground waanze kutafuta hawa watu,” said Mr Natembeya.

“You can imagine 21 people are out there, wanajua walitembea na yule msichana, wanajua yeye amepatikana positive but they have not come out. We are giving them 12 hours, kufikia kesho infact kufikia leo usiku kama hawajajitokeza we are going to look for them, they are going to be arrested. Watapelekwa quarantine centre by force, after 14 days kama hawana Covid-19 watapelekwa kortini, na kama watapatikana nayo watapelekwa hospitali wapate matibabu na kama Mungu atakuwa na huruma sana wapone watapelekwa kortini bado,” he added.

The Public Health Act CAP 242-28 states that it is an offence to intentionally expose and infect another person while suffering from any infectious disease, willfully exposes himself without proper precautions against spreading the said disease in any street, public place, shop, inn or public conveyance, or enters any public conveyance without previously notifying the owner, conductor or driver thereof that he is so suffering.

Mr Natembeya thanked members of the public in their continued support in reporting persons who recently have travelled and appear to show Covid-19 like syptoms.

He further urged Nairobi residents to stay in the city and not move until the government gives the green light.