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21 Wardrobe essentials for every woman over 21

From the moment she turns twenty-one, a woman’s life becomes a whirlwind of work, school, business, relationships and family. Life gets busy, mostly expensive and fast paced.

Still, this is the time of your life that you want to look your very best, present your most perfect face to the world because whether you like it or not, that first impression on other people will influence quite a number of sometimes life changing events in these critical years.

Therefore you’re striving to appear smart, stylish and like someone who cares about their appearance.

But no matter how stylish you want to be at some point it could get tiring and even impossible to keep up with the ever emerging fashion trends.

And other times you may just not find them that appealing. You look around and often wonder how other women are achieving this ever evasive well-put-together look, without having to spend monumental sums of money while at it.

So today here are a few tips that could be a first step in helping you create a foundation for a stylish and versatile wardrobe, made up of timeless pieces that can be paired with almost anything in your closet. This way you will not need to purchase every new trend to look fabulous.

These 21 classic pieces fit for every budget can be adjusted and modified to a person’s taste and preference.

  1.  Black Bottom Piece – Depending on your style, meaning if you are a skirt or pants kind of girl, a black skirt or pants is the first brick of your functional wardrobe foundation. For the lovers of skirts, you can either go for a knee length pencil skirt which you can tuck your blouses into if you like to show your curves or a knee length skater skirt if you prefer to stay mysterious. For the pants lovers, my personal favorite which been a trend for a while now is chino pants because they can go from office to casual in an instant depending on how you style them.
  2. The Classic Black Pumps – When it comes to shoes, black pumps are perhaps the most reliable and versatile option. At once sophisticated and sexy, they’re perfectly suited for almost any outfit and occasion. There are different styles available in shoe stores that will suit your personal taste.
  1. A Colorful Skirt – So maybe you have already purchased your nice black skirt, but your wardrobe is not complete without a dash of color. Royal-blue, red, animal-print or fuchsia skirts are the easiest pieces to translate from day paired with a dress shirt to after hours, paired with a silk cami or a statement t-shirt.
  1. The Lady Suit – Whether you work in an office or at home, there will come a moment in life that will simply demand that you suit-up. This is the day your lady suit will come to the rescue. Be it a skirt-suit or pant-suit, it is safer to go for solid darker hues like grey, navy and black, which will allow you enough room to choose your blouse color and accessories.
  1. The Blazer- A sharply tailored blazer means business and can turn any look into a power suit, even when you’re wearing jeans.
  1. The Day Dress – This can be a colorful piece that you can wear to church or kids’ birthday parties or even a wedding. You want it to be very lady like and fun, maybe with straps or sleeveless; it can be a maxi or midi with a bright solid color or patterns.
  1. Evening Dress – There is a reason why the Little Black Dress is so popular to the point of cliché. Because it is a wardrobe necessity. Invest in an evening piece that says glamour and sophistication, be it a cocktail dress or a formal dinner dress. The good news is that you really need not stick to black; the beauty of personal style is that your choice of evening dress as long as it compliments you will definitely ooze sophistication.
  1. Strappy Metallic Sandals- When out and about, a strappy pair in a metallic tone is your best bet for a dressed up look. Gold and silver are both extremely versatile so worry not about the number of dresses in your closet you will pair this with. It is an investment. (You may want to ensure your pedicure is top-notch when wearing open shoes).
  1. Blue Jeans – Obviously. Because it is the only piece in the history of fashion that has never gone out of style since 1873. Yes, no kidding. True the styles have changed over the years but whether you choose boyfriend or skinny, considering your body type as well, you can dress up or down any pair of blue jeans with the right choice of top and shoes.
  1. The Dressy Jacket –Everyone needs that jacket that you can wear over anything and suddenly your outfit is complete. Some people like leather, others denim, others tweed. Whichever your style is, a dressy jacket makes all the difference between drab and fab.
  1. The Colorful Scarf – With endless options for wearing them; whether around the neck with any outfit or in your hair at the beach, colorful scarves are a lesson in self-expression.
  1. The Black Clutch Bag- Yes you will need this piece with practically any outfit you choose for those glamorous evenings. Leather is always the best option because it gets better with age and does not go out of style. You may find yourself putting it in your will for the grandkids.
  1. The Two-In-One Handbag- Have you come across these most recent saviors of our generation, the bag that comes with a sling bag inside whose strap you can even remove if you want to use it as a clutch? Well needless to say this bag will save you money enough to buy another bag. Only ensure it is elegant and of good quality. The bigger of the two will serve the day purpose whereas the smaller one will serve the weekends and sometimes glamorous evening purpose.
  1. Flat Shoes – When all is said and done, you are not fashionable if you are not comfortable. So invest in a good pair of flat shoes because you will need a break from the heels. The ballet shoes are my favorite because straddling the line between dressy and casual; this functional footwear style is just as at home with a pair of tailored trousers as it is with a floral sundress. Black or earthy tones are your best bet here.
  1. The Black Tank-Top – From wearing it inside your suit or blazer to pairing it with your jeans or bright-colored skirt, this is one piece that will solve the infamous ‘what to wear question’ most days.
  1. Proper Sunglasses- Make that investment because it is worth it. Sunglasses are not a luxury anymore, they are essential to protect your eyes and the surrounding tissue from the sun’s UV rays which can not only damage your skin but also the lens and cornea of your eyes. Luckily there is the additional perk of you looking fabulous in them. Ensure to choose the right shape for your face.
  1. The Pearl Earrings- Probably the most versatile accessory, these can be worn both in formal and casual settings and will go with practically everything in your closet.
  1. The Nude Nail Polish- We will use the term nude loosely here to mean the color tone closest to your skin color. This is because you will not always have time for a manicure and if you can quickly put on a fresh coat before stepping out that will make all the difference. The right color choice is key, because then you will not worry about if it will go well with your outfit or the occasion. It will just look like your nails, just a bit more polished.
  1. Colorless Lip Gloss – This is the instant face corrector, (and lip protector) no matter the time of day, the occasion, what lipstick you are wearing or even if you are wearing none at all. You simply cannot afford not to have lip gloss in your purse. (It can even pay for pizza as you will learn from Lupita Nyong’o at the 2014 Oscars. Yes, that happened).
  1. A Time Piece– If your watch is a statement piece you will not need a lot more jewelry. So invest in a nice watch that is classy and not tacky; a sophisticated and subtle piece that you can wear both to work and on a night out without looking like you are seeking the wrong kind of attention
  2. Proper Underwear- Last but definitely not the least, all the above will be for nothing if you are do not invest in good underwear, the kind that will give you all the good lifts and support in all the places that need them, not only perfecting your outfit but also ensuring you are comfortable. Not wearing proper underwear also compromises you.