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22-year-old man electrocuted in Lucky Summer

A 22-year-old man died of electrocution in an incident that took place on Thursday in Lucky Summer estate, Nairobi County.

Mr Owen Sigu, was on his way from work and walking along Oasis Street within the estate when he held an electric pole without knowing that it had a naked wire. He died on the spot.

Police and officials from the Kenya Power Company arrived at the scene minutes later.

Residents feared to even touch the body as they were worried they could end up being electrocuted too. The body was later moved to City Mortuary.

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“We could not attempt to rescue him because we also feared for our lives,” one resident said.

Another resident said they had noticed the naked wire earlier on the day and hoped that Kenya Power officials would have repaired it.

“We had seen a Kenya Power vehicle in the estate and we had hoped that they would later rectify the issue but they did not,” he said.

Meanwhile, Police in Parklands Nairobi are grilling a number of engineers after a worker died at a construction site after a wall collapsed while they were at work.

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Mr Samuel Kanui, 25, was among 10 other workers at the site when the walls of the building came down on Thursday evening.

“The workers were working on a foundation of the house when the wall collapsed and trapped six of them while one person died on the spot,” the police said in a report.

Nairobi News has established that some other workers are still receiving treatment at a hospital in Parklands. Others were treated and discharged.

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