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23 arrested over police houses land row

Twenty three members of a self-help group were on Monday arrested after attempting to lock up a 75-acre property in Lang’ata on which the government built housing units for the police.

Drama started when the group’s members, accompanied by security guards from Lavington Security and dogs, descended on the expansive estate at around six in the morning and locked the entrance gate with a chain.

“Yes, they had an eviction notice but not for this plot. This plot is No. 209/10610 and their alleged plot is No.209/14582 which squarely sits on the Southern Bypass path which is under construction,” said Titus Yoma Langata OCPD.

The Mitumba Women Group has a long standing dispute with the police over ownership of the land worth Sh4.5 billion on which development started in 1986 as a police residential quarters.

The land, located along Lan’gata road next to Wilson airport, has 595 maisonettes and flats currently occupied by police officers and development is still on-going.

A view of the West Park police housing units located in Lan’gata, Nairobi. PHOTO |  ANN KAMONI
A view of the West Park police housing units located in Lan’gata, Nairobi. PHOTO | ANN KAMONI

The group claims the property was allocated to them by former President Moi to put up houses for 600 members of the group.

According to Mr Yoma, the 18 women and 5 men will be arraigned in court on Tuesday and charged with disturbing peace at a police post.

The West Park estate has a police post in it.

Mr Yoma said that the security guards had been hired to guard the property as eviction was being carried out.

Forging document

Two senior officials of the group were in April tried for forging documents claiming ownership of the property.

Mr Joseph Mburu Gitau and Mr Isaak Mburu are the chairman and secretary-general of Wilson Mitumba Women’s Group, respectively.

They denied accusations of fraudulently acquiring the land documents from the Lands ministry between May 14 and 25, 2005.

They were charged with 11 counts of forgery of allotment letters and a title deed.