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25 gunshots were fired at church where Kenyan Priest was shot dead

A total of 25 gunshots were fired at missionaries inside a church compound in Manyu, Cameroon, where a Kenyan Catholic Priest was shot dead.

This is according to Bishop Andrew Mamfe, the in charge of the Parish where the deceased Priest Fr Cosmas Omboto Ondari worked in before he met his death.

Bishop Mamfe told Nairobi News that he personally visited the church where Priest Omboto met his death and counted a total of 21 bullet holes lodged into the church building.


“I visited Kembong Parish after the incident and personally counted 21 bullet holes made on the church building where at the time the priest and many Christians were carrying various activities in the Mission compound,” he said, adding that Fr Ondari died inside the church.

He further claimed that it is the military that shot at the priest and even caused the death of yet another man a few meters from the church compound.


The priest in one of the many civilians who have been killed as a result of war between the military and separatists who have declared part of Cameroon as independent state.

Bishop Mamfe said that he had already made a request to Cameroon authority to investigate the matter and ensure that the culprits are brought to book.

What we know about Priest Omboto:

  • He was born in Gucha in September 19, 1985.
  • Studied Theology at Tangaza University College in Nairobi.
  • Ordained on March 26, 2017 and appointed to Mamfe Diocese and later posted to the St Martin of Tours Parish.