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3 diet fads to avoid as you embark on that 2023 weight loss resolution

Exercising oneself into a new body shape is one of the biggest achievements for people across the world. Be it losing weight or padding it on. Well, this article is for those who plan on making losing weight a 2023 resolution.

We understand you want to have body goals, we can sympathize that you did all sorts of exercises on every gym contraption and you did not get the desired results and we can cheer you on as you resolve to be more disciplined in your weight loss strategies going forward- dieting included.

Well, as you think of which diets to undertake to alter your metabolism and ‘speed up’ your weight loss, here are three diet fads you should absolutely stay away from even if that influencer swears by it and is showing you the ‘guaranteed results’ after they used it…

1. Apple Cider Vinegar – Some Kenyan Instagram influencers swear by this concoction. They claim that by taking some daily amount before eating and after exercising can help one burn fat that isn’t responding to gym work. However, according to The Mayo Clinic, this concoction is very acidic and will irritate the throat in the long run if taken in large amounts.

Apple Cider Vinegar. PHOTO | COURTESY

It can also cause low potassium levels in the body if it interacts with diuretics and insulin in the body – remember, you need potassium for your nervous system to function properly and for your muscles to contract. This means, potassium help your heart, for instance, beat regularly so if you’re downing apple cider vinegar because you saw someone else use it, you are risking your life.

2. Caffeine diet – Some people opt to go on this diet because caffeine suppresses hunger and helps burn a little fat but it is not effective over time. WebMD states that too much caffeine will boost your blood pressure which interferes with the heart function.

A cup of coffee and coffee beans. PHOTO | COURTESY

High blood pressure forces the heart to work harder, making it thicken it muscles- and a thickened left ventricle is an ingredient for heart attacks, heart failures and sudden cardiac death. Additionally, caffeine is reported to cause sick stomachs and keeping one up all night, interfering with their sleep routines.

3. Cabbage soup diet – Kenyans are always lamenting about ‘Njaanuary’ and how cabbage will be the order of the day after downing meat, chicken and other savory delicacies over the festive season. And just because cabbage especially floods the market in January, it is very advisable for those intending to lose weight to avoid the cabbage soup diet. WebMD states that eating this soup twice or thrice a day is healthy but must be had with other foods.

Cabbage soup diet. PHOTO | COURTESY

Most people looking to lose weight take this soup on certain days of their diet plans, getting less than 1,000 calories in the day, not realizing that any less calories than the aforementioned is literally starving one self and slowing down their metabolism. This will not help one lose weight; and eventually, you will feel hungry and end up over eating to compensate for the loss of energy, making your efforts pointless.

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