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3 top female politicians embark on weight loss journeys

It would appear that a handful of top female politicians in the Kenya Kwanza government are finally catching up with their New Year’s resolutions in April. These women hit the gym to shed off the weight they had been amassing and carrying over the years as they announced new intentions to live healthier lives.

Last week, Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris uploaded a video of herself in an upscale gym walking on the treadmill; and pulling and pushing weights on a multi-gym exercise machine.

“Despite trying different methods, I couldn’t stick to my weight loss routine. Now I’m working on building discipline to make it happen for good! #FitOver50 #EmbraceYourAge #DisciplineVsMotivation,” said Passaris as she captioned the video.

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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu also embarked on her new beginnings just as her estranged ‘co-wife’ also announced she was embarking on a new life following their throuple (three people in one relationship) dramas with vernacular singer Samidoh.

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While Edday meant a lifestyle change, for Karen Nyamu, it was going to the gym to shed baby fat after she conceived and gave birth to two of Samidoh’s children in a span of 16 months.

“No one can curse what God has already blessed🤗 Niskie mtu akisema nabeba tu weights tu dogo😄 (Dare anyone tell me that I am lifting small weights,” said Nyamu in her gym update yesterday.


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She went on, “Ma instructor wa instagram Kazi kwenu (Instagram instructors, the ball is in your court)😂 oh vaa (wear) gloves ooh vaa helmet oh huja vaa (you haven’t worn a) mask😝😝 Moja ya Friday ya ku maliza(to end the) guilt ya weekend shenanigans😇.”

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In other updates, she said, “Ending the day with a sweat feels good,” and “This was yesterday. I didn’t want to work out at all. I was tired from being allover for work. And I wanted to see little baby Mimo before she sleeps.

But I remembered the abs won’t form themselves 🥵,”, and, “Huyu trainer wa leo ni kama alikua ametumwa na (It appears today’s trainer has been sent by the) opposition😝😝 No mercy! Recording my fitness journey not only keeps me motivated but will also help to show me how far iv come 🍭 #Day4 #bootyshortsinjune.”

The latest politician was one of the recent Chief Administrative Secretaries hires, Millicent Omanga.

Renowned for being heavy, especially her entire lower body, the outspoken politician also uploaded the content of her in the gym two days ago, saying, “House of gains going strong …💪🏾.”

This was the first video she uploaded of herself working out. Her entry into the gym came in the wake of Kenyans claiming she was too heavy for the docket to which she had been appointed- Ministry of Interior- as others wondered how she would deal with bandits and terrorists while struggling with her weight.

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