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37 foreigners arrested in Runda charged afresh

June 17th, 2015 1 min read

Thirty-seven foreigners arrested in Runda, Nairobi, last year, in connection with cybercrime were charged afresh with using radio communication apparatus illegally.

State Prosecutor Daniel Karuri told a magistrate’s court the charge sheet needed to be amended to give accurate information.

Hi-tech communication equipment, which included 16 pocket radio transceivers, 14 mobile phones, 12 VOIP routers, a TP link and laptops were among the items seized.

“We wish to amend the charge sheet to indicate the house number as 26 instead of 46 and that six laptops were recovered and not eight,” said Mr Karuri.

The magistrate agreed and asked the accused to plead to the charges in the presence of a translator.

They all denied the charges of using radio apparatus without a licence, running a telecommunication system illegally, conspiring to commit a felony and an alternative charge of engaging in organised crime.

The accused — 13 Chinese, 23 Taiwanese and a Thai were first charged on December 17, last year.

The Thai was separately found in possession of six pocket phones, six portable radio transceivers, 96 telephone heads and 40 VOIP gateways.

The case will be heard on July 17 and 20.

SOURCE: Daily Nation