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‘4/20’ – Two new songs with the same title by two different bands

Band Beca and Boondocks Gang have released new songs titled 4/20 on their YouTube platforms and the reaction from fans has been astounding.

Band Beca’s new release is a chilled-out track made by Hamado under Naiboi Worldwide, with an indoor shoot location of a bedroom with just the two girls.

The first verse sang by Caroline goes: “Quarantine Quarantine zone hizi social distance tings zinaboo, I can be your medicine ukiwa indoors, Leo ni 420 na mimi ndio form.”

Boondocks Gang’s song is of a slow mid-tempo beat with a very colourful video setting. Shot indoors inside a house with empty rooms, each artiste sings while holding an Elvis vintage microphone

The beat by Magix Enga is also of a slow tempo which seems best to accompany the theme of the song.


One line that has caught the fans’ ears – going by their comments – is Maddox’s line: “Western kuna wreso ya jogoo n azote zimenyanya ka kondoo.”

In the video, Boondocks Gang appear to be puffing weed in almost every scene and they all look to be kind of high.

But the two songs can’t compare to Zimenishika by Zzero Sufuri released last year which had everyone singing along once it hit the airwaves.