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4 disrespectful ways people quietly quit romantic relationships

By Winnie Mabel December 16th, 2023 2 min read

Breakups s*ck. Plain and simple. They are dreadful and a waste of emotional and physical energy. And don’t tell us anything about how time will heal the wounds. We would rather not even go through that healing period.

And so, while many people work to maintain great relationships with high hopes that they won’t break up, their partners might end up not being on the same page.

While A feels great about the relationship, B longs to leave but does not want to make their position known verbally.

B would rather ‘patiently and gently’ escort A to a position where they would be the ones to end the relationship, and to get there.

It would take party B to carry out some unnecessary, underhanded and quite ‘evil’ methods such as the ones listed below:


This has to be top on the list of disrespectful things done by partners ready to check out of a romantic relationship. They intentionally begin breaking all dates, forgetting important occasions, disappearing for days without communicating their whereabouts to their lovers, and creating situations in the relationship for misunderstandings to thrive. They do this in the hopes that their partners will get fed up and decide to either separate for months or end the relationship in totality.


Gaslighting is the instance in which partner B will do things to manipulate partner A, making A question themself. They will do something wrong and blame their actions on A, stating that they are the reason they acted in such a way in the first place. They will begin dropping subtle hints that will make A question their sense of self-worth, sanity, and capabilities. They do this in the hopes that they will shred A’s sanity to the point where the only way they can fight back is by ending the relationship. What B is not thinking about is that while this might be a quick solution to a temporary problem, the lasting effects on A might need lasting therapy to overcome.

Cheating and hoping to get caught

There are people who cheat and hope not to get caught. And then there are people who actively cheat and hope to get caught so that their partner can dump them. Sometimes, this might not go according to plan if their cheating partner does not want to get caught and shamed by their own circle of family and friends. So B will start dropping hints that they are stepping out on B, hoping they catch on and leave the relationship.

Financial manipulation

If A depended on B for financial sustenance, B would begin using this as a means of controlling A and making their life difficult to live by their side. They will begin reducing the amounts needed by A, or simply cut them off unexpectedly, in the hopes that A will complain, and it will result in a full-blown drama and breakup. They will hope to create a situation where A appears like a gold digger and use it to exit the relationship without verbalizing they had wanted to exit the relationship for a long time.

Do you have any other ideas people use to quit romantic relationships?

Do let us know…