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4 stunning photos of Maureen Waititu’s impressive weight loss

By Winnie Mabel February 23rd, 2023 2 min read

Maureen Waititu, one of Kenya’s renowned influencers, model and a lawyer by career, continues to be celebrated for her massive weight loss as seen in her latest social media posts. The mother of two boys underwent a noticeable change that saw her thicker figure tone down to become a slim-thick, even more elegant woman.

Many of her 682,000 followers on Instagram have since been camping in her comment sections, demanding that she tell them what her weight loss secret has been considering she has been spending much time in the gym but the results were not as easily noticeable over the months unlike her new physique in the clothes she has been modelling.

Maureen Waititu. PHOTO | COURTESY

In past interviews, Maureen Waititu revealed she had been battling weight loss for years as the weight she had put on after giving birth to her and fitness influencer Frankie Just Gym It’s children has been messing with her self esteem.

Maureen Waititu. PHOTO | COURTESY

“When I was pregnant with my last born son, he loved sitting on my left side of my tummy but it’s mostly because I used to sleep on my left throughout the pregnancy as advised by my Doc- but since his birth, I’ve always had a stubborn baby pouch which occasionally hangs mostly on my left side and it’s most prominent when I sit, in fact, if you look closely at my lower belly, you can see it peeping depending on my eating habits and my hormonal cycle,” Maureen is on record for saying.

Maureen Waititu. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Anyway, what I am saying is, I have finally started feeling like myself and my son is now 3 years old-and so for mamas with young babies and toddlers but feel like they’ll never be the same, or ever look like another mom with a hot body- please be patient with yourselves. Keep pushing and staying consistent and you’ll start to see results.”

Maureen Waititu. PHOTO | COURTESY

Her recent transformation attracted congratulatory and positively envious comments as sampled below by Nairobi News:

“You look stunning Mo’ 😍😍❤️❤️,” said musician Femi One.

“The SNATCH BACK is something serious! You look so goooood boo ❤️🔥,” added Kwin Lyn.

“What’s the secret I moved from size 6/8 to size 12 😁😁😁 But you loook toooo georgeous ♥️♥️ Mama Kai ♥️♥️♥️,” said musician Nadia Mukami.

“Give us your ways Sensei🙌… That weight loss journey is working great,” added Muthoni Munyoki.

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