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4 times musician Bahati has cried in public

Bahati broke down in tears in a dramatic moment on his new Netflix reality show, ‘The Bahati Empire’.

The singer demanded DNA tests for his children with wife Diana Marua.

The emotional scene has since sparked mixed reactions from fans and viewers alike.

The tension unfolded as Bahati confronted his wife about persistent online rumours about the paternity of their children.

“I’ve been thinking about something. People have been talking about a lot of things online. I have seen things on the blogs. So I have decided to have DNA tests done on all the children,” Bahati said, his voice trembling with emotion.

Diana, visibly shocked, replied, “Are you for real?”

The gravity of the situation became even more emotional when Bahati could no longer hold back his tears.

As he cried, Diana comforted him, saying, “I love you and this won’t happen to us. Stop crying, baby.”

This heartbreaking episode is not the first time Bahati has shown his vulnerable side in public.

His brief political career has also seen him shed tears in the face of adversity.

In the run-up to the 2022 general elections, Bahati was the Jubilee Party’s candidate for Mathare parliamentary seat.

But his political ambitions were cut short when he was forced to withdraw in favour of ODM’s Anthony Oluoch.

A tearful Bahati appealed to then President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to give him a chance to contest the seat.

“I respect you my president and I respect Raila Amollo Odinga but please give the youth of this country a chance. I know there is zoning and Mathare has been zoned as an ODM area but for once give the youth of this country a chance. Give the people of Mathare a chance to elect the leader they have always wanted,” Bahati said.

Bahati’s political ambitions eventually fizzled out and he has since returned to creating content with his wife.

Away from the spotlight of politics and reality TV, Bahati has also shared deeply personal stories about his family life.

In 2021, he opened up about adopting his firstborn son, Morgan, from a children’s home in Mathare.

Recalling their first meeting, Bahati expressed his initial fears about caring for Morgan.

Despite these worries, Bahati proudly noted how well Morgan was doing, even joking that his son’s English was now better than his own.

I was watching this video and I found myself crying; I get a bit emotional when my mind goes back to that day. For those who don’t know, this is the day God brought me this angel @Morgan_Bahati…” he wrote in part.

During the Groove Awards, where Bahati was celebrated as the Best Gospel Artiste, the singer was moved to tears as he made a heartfelt vow.

“God, what I can promise the world is that I will never leave you,” he declared, his voice filled with emotion.

However, in July 2020, Bahati made a surprising revelation during his appearance on Jessy Junction.

He announced his decision to leave the gospel industry to focus on creating love songs.

Despite this shift, he insisted that his faith in Christ remains unwavering.

“The gospel is Christ and I have Christ in my heart. I believe in God, and God is the reason I’m on top. I can’t leave Christ, that’s the most important thing. It’s not about the gospel industry. The gospel industry is rotten… but that’s a story for another day,” Bahati explained.

He went on to explain his creative process and how his faith guided him in his new musical direction.

“I prayed before I wrote ‘Wanani’ and ‘Missing You’. I consulted God a lot. I was fighting a lot in the gospel industry and I knew I was not doing gospel for the people. So if I’m going to do a gospel song, I’m going to do it for God, not for the industry.

Bahati clarified that his departure from the gospel scene was temporary and more about distancing himself from the problems of the industry than abandoning his faith.

“I have only separated myself from the gospel industry for a while, but I’m in Christ and the Lord is my personal saviour,” he affirmed.