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4 ways to cope with anxiety during elections

The post-poll period is becoming super intense as we all wait eagerly for IEBC officials to announce the winners of this election.

It does not help that purveyors of fake news are working tirelessly to spread misinformation and disinformation, making the situation even more unbearable.

Well, here are four ways you can cope with anxiety during this election period.

Plan how you spend time waiting for results

  • You can opt to take relaxing long walks
  • Read that book you have been meaning to start a book
  • Take a bike ride
  • Listen to music
  • Check-ins with friends

Look at the bright side of life

Find ways to look for signs of hope and avoid dwelling on worst case scenarios. They will do you no good.

Control your media consumption

  • Avoid scrolling social media especially if it is filled with negativity.
  • Avoid forwarding unverified information to family and friends.
  • Mute or archive WhatsApp groups with highly emotive discussions about the election
  • Check on credible sites for updates periodically like Nairobi News.

Prepare for any scenario of the election outcome and acknowledge things that are beyond your control

Whoever is elected, will be a leader to us all, not a section of Kenyans, prepare yourself to accept the results and move on with your life.

But above all, take a deep breathe, let it out… do this anytime you feel overwhelmed, it is calming.