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4-year-old twins burnt to death in Kasarani

A mother in Kasarani is devastated after her four-year-old twins whom she left in the house were burnt to death.

Police said that the mother who lives in Sunton area left her one-roomed house on Thursday night leaving a candle burning and her twins sleeping.

Neighbours saw smoke emanating from the house and rushed to put it out but unfortunately but the time they were done, the twins had already succumbed.

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According to the woman aged 26, she left them in the house asleep and went out shopping when she was informed the house was on fire.

Police said they suspect the candle fell on the bed and caused the fire before it spread out fast.

Police visited the scene and helped to move the bodies to the mortuary.

A postmortem will be done on the bodies as part of the probe into the deaths.

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The tragic death of the twins comes just days after a three-year-old boy was among two people who were killed in separate fire incidents in Nairobi.

Police said they received 10 fire incidents that also left at least seven people injured and property destroyed.

The first incident happened in Eastleigh where a three-year-old child was killed while three other people were injured after a fire broke out on the third floor of an apartment along First Avenue.

Unfortunately, three-year-old Husni Farah succumbed to the injuries while being treated in the hospital.

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Police and locals suspect a gas cylinder explosion caused the fire but investigations are ongoing.

The area residents managed to contain the spread of the fire and rescued the four who had been trapped therein.

In August a two-and-a-half child survived a fire incident with serious burns after her father set himself on fire inside a car while with his daughter.

Police say the girl was saved by onlookers from the vehicle after the failed arson attack by the father.

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