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40 years in jail for jilted lover who killed, dismembered lover’s nephew

A jilted charcoal vendor who brutally killed and dismembered his lover’s nephew after a nasty break up was handed a 40-year jail term by a Siaya judge who described him as a “dangerous inhuman being”.

Julius Odhiambo Wairemba alias Ayinga was handed the sentence by lady justice Roselyn Aburili of Siaya high court after finding him guilty of killing John Odhiambo Ogony alias Nabii, a minor, before cutting him into pieces.

“The accused person is a brutal inhuman being. He acted without mercy and took away an innocent young life without any justification, reason being that he had been jilted by his lover, the deceased’s aunt.  That is not acceptable,” justice Aburili said.

Ayinga had been charged with the murder contrary to section 203 as read with section 204 of the penal code and was found guilty.

He killed the minor then mutilated is body between April 2 and 4, 2017 in Randago sub-location, South Alego location within Siaya County.

Some parts of the deceased minor’s body were never recovered and it took DNA sampling to establish his parentage.

In his mitigation, Ayinga had pleaded for leniency telling the judge that his wife died leaving him with five children.

Aburili said she considered his mitigation and the circumstances under which he brutally murdered the deceased.

She said Ayinga, from the manner in which he butchered and mutilated the body of the deceased, is a dangerous being who does not deserve non-custodial sentence at all.

“Only body parts were recovered and the question is, why was he decapitated and mutilated? Did he deserve to die in such a cruel and degrading manner? Whose sins was he paying for? Why did the accused person choose to kill the deceased and not any other person? What kind of revenge is this? The answer is simple.  The deceased did no wrong.  He did not deserve to die,” the judge stated.

“He needs to be kept away from the society where he is a danger to humanity. He requires rehabilitation and reformation in an institution. He must be kept away from the society for a longer period of time for the parents of the deceased to heal from the loss,” she ruled.

Prosecution counsel Edward Kakoi had requested for a lengthy incarceration of the convict.

The sentence is inclusive of the three years he has been incarcerated since August 31, 2017, meaning he will remain in prison for the next 36 years.