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411 secrets: Comedian with KRA drama buys wife posh car

A popular comedian who is known for keeping his life under wraps has been on a spending spree.

In the past, he has had to deal with the taxman who came knocking after various news outlets posted his net worth.

His inflated net worth did not tally with his annual tax returns. The comedian was called in for a meeting with the top bosses at the government agency and he had to properly declare his wealth.

His days of having issues with the taxman and now behind him and he has learned to deal with media scrutiny

Anyhow, the comedian has bought his wife a posh ride and has kept the news under wraps.

The super secretive funny man seems to be reaping big in his business ventures.

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Mheshimiwa to post his ‘babes’ in senior government positions

A powerful government man was heard bragging that has to post all his hot babes in lucrative parastatal posts.

The controversial politician is known as a ‘mubaba’ – a pop culture slang for a sponsor who has a lot of money and is not afraid to spend it.

The Mubaba is now very close to the seat of power and since he has many beautiful women on his list of lovers.

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While drinking with his buddies, he was heard narrating how he is now being called “igwe” and showered with lots of love because of what he can offer the city babes.

He doesn’t want any affection and attention.

It remains to be seen how he will be able to pull off this massive employment drive of his bevvy of beauties.

Some of his county people are grumbling because they hoped they would get the positions located to them since they also played a big role in funding the campaign of the mheshimiwa.

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