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411 secrets: Rebellious rich kid gets baby with politician

News from the 411 secret service source indicate that tongues are wagging after a rich kid from a powerful family in Kenya got a baby with a politician.

Sources close to the rebellious rich kid claim that strict family values pushed her toward the politician who is known to be a bit of a bad boy.

Their love blossomed and the couple were destined for a great love story.

But the only issue was that the parents did not bless the relationship. They frowned against it.

The problem is, the family have grand ambitions for their daughter but her stubbornness and love for first-time politician threw a wrinkle in their plan.

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Some gossip pundits even claim that the powerful and mega-influential parents considered the young politician a social climber.

They thought he was very ambitious and that the relationship with the daughter is just a ploy to get close to their power and influence.

Some even claimed that if he managed to marry the rich kid it would be a golden ticket for the politician into the exclusive world of the elite.

This ticket would afford the politician connections both political and businesswise as well as the wealth that comes with the ‘son-in-law’ tag.

Anyhow, the fairy tale did not go as planned and the couple broke up.

They now co-parent.

He is still an up-and-coming politician but would not dare invoke his links to the powerful family not even during the just concluded elections.

Very few people know he has a child with the rich kid.

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