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411: Early pregnancy rocks ‘big family’

Why governor only eats food from home

A troubled first-term governor seems to be living in fear for his life. The county boss has stopped eating food in hotels or at events. He only eats food prepared by his wife and carries drinking water from home. The man, who is in the middle of a political storm, has also stopped operating from his official governor office. Initially, he shunned the designated County Governor office and set up a new one. At that time, he was not involved in any political storm but had accused his predecessor of engaging in witchcraft. He was reportedly scared of the power of black magic, which he claimed the former county boss planted in the office.

Officials panic ahead of foreign trip

Reports of anxiety among top government officials have emerged ahead of an upcoming high-profile foreign visit. 411 has learnt that the host country had demanded the list of officials who will be part of the highly anticipated trip with a view of knocking off from the list those accused of corruption. It is not yet clear whether the list has been submitted or not. Some Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries critical for such visits are worried that they could be barred from the visit, based on intelligence reports, something that could also put their jobs on the line.

Mass exodus of staff from agency

Panic has gripped a department of one of the three arms of government as the leadership plans to outsource the services they currently offer in order to save costs. The leadership intends to cut costs of the millions they spend on the department by up to 90 per cent in its new strategic plan. A section of staff that have heard this rumour has started seeking for transfers to other departments in order to safeguard their jobs. More than 15 staff of the department have written to the accounting officer of the institution seeking a transfer.

Why Nairobi likely to go back to NMS

Is there a plot to reintroduce a body similar to Nairobi Metropolitan Services in the city? A mole has told 411 that some influential individuals were heard discussing this possibility to address the issue of alleged inefficiency and runaway corruption in the county. The scheme, whose supporters say they were still assessing how to handle any backlash should their plan go ahead, is linked to the current sustained attacks that feed into public complaints. Some of those with close ties to the current county administration appear to have learnt of the plans and have been mobilised to fight back claims that the city was being run down.

Publicity gives official sleepless nights

The days of an accounting officer in one of the arms of government are numbered after the leadership found out that the person has been behind the negative publicity the institution has been receiving. The officer working with another junior staff is said to be working with outsiders to whom he gives sensitive documents about the institution translating into negative publicity, especially on social media. Word has however reached the leadership of the institution about the conduct of the officer and it is just a matter of time before they crack the whip.

Early pregnancy rocks ‘big family’

It is alleged in highly-placed quarters that a senior government official and her family have been depressed after their daughter got pregnant. The issue has embarrassed the family which has led to the patriarch seeking different options, starting with keeping the daughter away from the public eye as a ‘temporary measure’ while a solution is being sought, as a way of saving them from the potential embarrassment. The young woman is unmarried and has put the family in a dilemma.