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430 city plots have changed hands illegally

More than 430 pieces of land belonging to County Hall have irregularly changed ownership.

The losses, which have occurred over the years, came about following records mismanagement and loopholes that allowed individuals to grab the lands.

To date, the county administration has no idea how many properties it owns as it has no asset register, a situation that has left it easy prey for grabbers.

Chief Valuer Isaac Nyoike said when he assumed office early last year, what he received in the way of a properties list was a skeleton with over 450 entries, some of which were double entries.

Asset schedule

Although the county is now compiling an asset schedule, land officers appearing before the Public Accounts Committee admitted they did not know how many plots the county owned and that they relied on individual departments to gather information to compile a list.

Some of the information is yet to be brought to their attention even as they committed to have the schedule ready by August.

“So far we have managed to capture 632 properties. This is not the end. We are not saying that nothing more will be added. We’ll do all within our powers to capture everything that is owned by the county,” said Chief Lands Officer Stephen Mwangi.

Once the asset schedule is completed, the lands will be subjected to a valuation to create an asset register.

But committee members pointed out that some properties could be lost in the process.

“We are not all angels to come and say, this plot is free. And you know that everyone is looking to own Nairobi,” said Makongeni Ward Rep Peter Imwatok.

A lot of county properties remain unsurveyed and have no titles which has seen them fall prey to connected individuals who grab the whole plot or hive a part for their own use.