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Janet Kanini shares joy of miraculous healing

By SAMUEL KARANJA February 12th, 2016 2 min read

This year’s Valentine’s Day could arguably be the best for TV host Janet Kanini Ikua following doctors confirmation that she has been healed of lung cancer.

“My dear friends, relatives, colleagues, supporters, prayer warriors. I have wonderful news! Our prayers have been answered! I am redeemed from the affliction of cancer!” said Janet in a long pots on her Facebook page.

“God has remained true to His word and healed me from Cancer and I give Him all Glory and Honour and Praise for this far that He has brought me!” an elated Janet added.

She revealed that her doctors in India, where she had been receiving treatment were amazed by the results of the PET MRI scan, which showed that the cancer lesions that had been in her liver, bones, abdomen, lymph nodes and lungs were no more.

“They said that many people must have been praying for me because these results are rare in a stage 4 diagnosis, and I told them “Yes. I have a prayer army. Prayer warriors who held me up when I was too weak to pray and believe,” she added.

While thanking well-wishers who had offer both prayers and financial support, Janet revealed how she had become “so emotional” as she battled the ravaging disease.

“You guys – may God meet you all at your points of need. May He open His floodgates of blessings to you and yours!” said Janet.

But she also has to deal with a blood clot in her heart which she thankfully said had reduced in size from being 1.5cm by 1.4cm to 8mm by 7 mm across.


“Oral blood thinner pills refused to work on me last year June, so I am still on twice daily injections, now for seven months, yet they ideally shouldn’t be used for more than two weeks. But this too shall pass,” said the NTV’S N-soko show host.

Janet still has another four cycles of chemotherapy with milder drugs to sustain the progress made, before another review to also check the blood clotting.

She was full of praise to her husband whom she said had stood by her all the way and was her beacon of hope.

Her husband, she said, also keep it a secret reports from doctors which indicated that Janet had between six months and a year to live.

“Hubby refused to tell me because he knew it would stress me more. And I’m glad he didn’t tell me, because I would probably have been sadder and frustrated, looking at my two babies, wondering whether I was feeling more sick today because I’m dying, whether I’d be there for them at their next birthdays,” said Janet who credited God for her miraculous healing.

“Hubby carried this burden alone, and for that I will forever be grateful to God for giving him the strength and courage to do so as he watched me go through chemotherapy,” she added.

Her doctors too, Janet said, played a great role in diagnosing her problem and seeing to it that she had beaten cancer.

She also revealed her fears of dying from the disease adding, “As depressing as these thoughts were, they brought about something that I’m happy to admit – they made me realize that, because life is unpredictable and I could die at any moment, from anything, I must live in a manner that is worthy of me going to heaven the second I stop breathing. Always be ready.”