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Guys, eight interesting remedies for impotence

Seeing as it is tied to his being as a man, impotence is soul crushing for a man. The good news is that most of the time, there is something that can be done to combat it.

Here is a look into some of the out of the box things you can try to get your virility back:

1. Reflexology – Reflexology is the practice of exerting pressure on designated pressure points on the body so as to increase blood flow to certain parts of the body. Pressure points on the ankles for instance, coincide with those on the penis. Most spas in town offer reflexology.

2. Horny goat weed – Also known as Epimedium, the horny goat weed is an effective cure for impotence. It was discovered by a Chinese herder who noticed a significant increase of sexual activity in his herd after eating this herb. It works by increasing nitric oxide in the body which aides in maintaining an erection. The good news is that its processed version can be found on our supermarket shelves.

3. Wasp stingers – Yes, it is very painful. In some parts of the world though, it is used to effectively cure erectile dysfunction. Not many will be willing to attempt it so the stinger’s restoring powers are likely to go untried.

4. Floss your teeth – Your dental health is linked to your sexual one. Periodontitis, a common gum disease has been liked to erectile dysfunction. Oral inflammation in the mouth caused by this gum disease leads to a decrease in production of eNOS an enzyme that produces nitric acid which is key in regulation of blood flow.

5. Re-evaluate your relationship – Maybe there is nothing wrong with you or sexual health. The problem could be state of your current relationship. Are you and your love interest still connecting? An emotional disconnect could lead to a physical one.

6. Catch your 40 winks – Sleep is a huge determinant of your general health. Fixing your erection problems could be as easy as sleeping longer than you are now. Fatigue could be what is eating into your sexual desire.

7. Give up porn – While pornography sometimes aides with sexual issues, a constant use of it can also cause impotence. This happens when the body becomes conditioned to this visual stimuli. When it is then not present during intimacy with a significant other, a man has problems. Try throwing out your porn stash.

8. Water melon juice – Yes, juice from this fruit will do so much more than just quest your thirst. It contains an amino acid known as citrulline in high concentration. This amino acid works by effectively improving blood flow to the nether regions. Unlike the pills, this natural Viagra is also easy on the stomach.