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5 companies apply for licences to collect and distribute royalties on behalf of Kenyan artistes

The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) is inviting Kenyans for public participation on the suitability of five companies that have applied for licences to collect and distribute royalties on behalf of Kenyan artistes.

The five companies that have been shortlisted for scrutiny before the licences can be issued include the Music Copyright Society of Kenya Ltd (MCSK), Kenya Association of Music Producers Ltd (KAMP) and Performing and Audiovisual Rights Society of Kenya Ltd (PAVRISK).

The other two companies are Collective Management Services Ltd, which was incorporated in May 2018, and Film Makers Rights Achievers of Kenya Ltd (FRAK), which was incorporated in September 2019.

“The Board invites members of the public to make written representations on the suitability of the applicants to be licensed as collective management organisations. The board invites comments from any interested person on the suitability of the listed applicants,” read a statement from KECOBO.

Written comments from the public should have been submitted by Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

MCSK represents authors, composers, arrangers and publishers of music. FRAK represents audiovisual performers, while Collective Management Ltd represents all rights including authors, composers, publishers, performers and producers.

Two months ago, the High Court restrained KECOBO from renewing the registration certificates of MCSK), (KAMP) and (PRISK), which have since been renamed PAVRISK.

Justice Lawrence Mugambi granted an order on an application by two petitioners, David Mabonga Barasa and Maxwell Barasa, restraining the board from renewing the operating licences of the three CMOs for another six months as it had intended.

According to the petitioners, KECOBO had attempted to renew each of the CMO licences after inviting new applications from only the three, in contravention of the provisions of the Copyright Act. The matter is still in court.

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