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5 green flags in a potential lover and how to recognize them

People mainly focus on red flags so that they can see whether to avoid dating a person. Are they undercover serial cheats and killers? Are they rude to servers? Do they look down on people they perceive to be of lower status?

We have become a society jaded with looking out for red flags.

But hear me out…what if we began focusing on green flags?

Green flags in a relationship are positive signs or indicators that suggest a healthy and promising partnership. These are qualities and behaviors demonstrated by both partners that contribute to a strong and fulfilling relationship.

Unlike red flags, green flags reassure individuals that they are in a positive and supportive relationship which has a stable future in sight.

If, like me, you choose to focus on the green flags, here are five green flags in a potential partner and how you can recognize them:

  1. Mutual trust – You can see this if your partner trusts you with his most precious valuables and decisions. This partner feels secure in your commitment to them and is assured of your faithfulness.
  2. Equal partnership – You will be able to see this when your partner views your relationship as a partnership and not a competition with you. Your partner will actively equally contribute to the success and wellbeing of your relationship. You won’t feel like you are giving too much of yourself and you are only receiving a fraction of their efforts.
  3. Shared responsibilities – You will notice this green flag when your partner takes on a fair share of the responsibilities in your relationship, be it household tasks or in decision making. They will not cut you out of important matters and they won’t disregard others based on gender stereotypes.
  4. Respect for boundaries – You will notice this green flag when your partner respects your personal boundaries without making you feel guilty about them. They will recognize the importance of individual space and privacy even if you are sharing a house.
  5. Affection and intimacy – You will notice this green flag when your partner unashamedly shows a healthy level of physical and emotional intimacy with you both in public and in private. They do not care about what society has to say about genuinely being in touch with one’s feelings and expressing them to the human they desire.

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