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5 Popular celebrity TikTok couples in Kenya

By Janet Koech November 2nd, 2022 4 min read

The most popular content on TikTokis one that is done by couples. Audiences like love stories and the drama involved – of course.

Here are 5 popular TikTok stars who serve couple of goals on the app.

Dancers Tileh Pacbro and Martina Glez

The two are TikTok sensations and are mostly known for their excellent dances on the app.

The pair met in 2019, and their relationship has been a cakewalk. They are married and are blessed with an adorable son named Tiago Pacbro Jr.

They are madly in love, and this can be seen with the goals they continue posing now and then, Tileh is a Kenyan dancer, choreographer and film director, while his wife Martina is a content creator and a dancer too.

Dancers Tileh Pacbro and Martina Glez
Dancers Tileh Pacbro and Martina Glez

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They are the founders of Dance98, one of the most successful dance schools in Nairobi along Ngong road.

It has mentored young, vibrant dancers, thus nurturing local talent in Kenya.

They post outstanding dancing Tik-Tok videos that have excited Kenyans who continue applauding them for their excellent dances. They have a huge following on their Tik-Tok accounts and over a million likes.

The couple has a son, Tiago Pacbro Jr. Brenda Queen.


Full video on our couple youtube channel❤️ @martinaglez_ #tiktok #waah #waahchallenge #fyp #trending #foryoupage #xyzcba

♬ original sound – Tileh Pacbro

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Ajib Gathoni and Josh Wonder

This is yet another gorgeous young couple in Kenya.

Ajib and Josh met on TikTok, and anyone who is a big fan can testify that their relationship has grown to where it is currently.

Ajib came into the limelight after receiving a Pulse award for TikTok best female awards. Ajib grew her following through her dancing talent.

Ajib Gathoni and Josh Wonder
Ajib Gathoni and Josh Wonder

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Her trying out dancing TikTok challenges has received positive reactions from Kenyans, who have since supported her, branding her the TikTok dance queen.

Josh Wonder, her current boyfriend, has been seen in some of her videos and has both been posting good content on TikTok capturing the attention of many, having thousands of followers and over twenty million likes on TikTok is enough to show that she is indeed the ‘Queen’.

They are not only gorgeous but hardworking. They own a clothing line branded Random Wears that they are working on expanding soon.


It’s more than a dream come true 😭. Okay RANDOM MERCH OUT NOW 😍🔥! @ajibgathoni #ajibgathoni #joshwonder

♬ Giveon Cover If I Aint Got You – Raed ツ

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Tyler Mbaya a.k.a Baha and Georgina

21-year-old Georgina Njenga and 22-Year-old Tyler Mbaya’s relationship is one of a kind. Tyler Mbaya is famously known as Baha from the Machachari show.

Their union has been a blessing since they decided to seal the deal after welcoming their bundle of joy recently. Astra Nyambura is their beautiful six-month-old baby.



♬ Knock You Down – 🖤🍃

Georgina has a huge following on her TikTok account and mostly lip-syncs to popular songs as she flosses her beauty and fashionable clothes.

She mostly shares her happy moments, and her radiant smile excites many. She has over three hundred thousand followers and seven million likes on TikTok.

Tyler Mbaya and Georgina
Tyler Mbaya and Georgina

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Her husband, Tyler Mbaya, has been featured in some of her videos as they sing along to songs showing how happy their relationship is.

Her fans love their union as they follow up on the two. They plan surprises for each other and show their fans, who appreciate them for being loving. Tyler recently bought Georgina Njenga an iPhone 13 pro max as a push gift.


Former machachari actor Tyler mbaya popularly known as Baha buys his girlfriend Georgina Njenga an iphone as a push gift.

♬ original sound – Nairobi Hot Gossip

The two continue writing their love story, and everyone wishes them the best.

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Jackie B and Brenda Michelle

Brendah Michelle is a stunning actress, and most people know her from the local TV show Zora.

She played the role of Alma, Kwame’s wife, who her mother-in-law detested because she could not bear her grandchildren.

Her fans flock to her social media accounts, especially on TikTok, where she has over 160k followers and a million likes. With her husband, Jackie B, a producer of the Tamusana production company, she collaborates on hilarious videos that keep her fans entertained.


Pole basi @jackybproducer #miss_brenda_michelle #brendamichelle #jackybandmichelle #areyouannoyed

♬ original sound – Meme God👑

The two are married and are blessed with two kids. They have kept their relationship life private since so little is known about them.

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Mummie Francie and Mubaba

Mummie Francie is the clap-back queen known for her bold character that she poses on TikTok.

She is among the luckiest women in Kenya who found one of the most understanding men in Kenya, as most of you say.

As we all know, Kenyan men may not entertain their women into doing TikTok challenges, but Mummie Francie can surprise her husband at any time of day with her content, and he would surprisingly flow along.


♬ original sound – Mr.ᵇᵃᵗᵗᵉʳʸ®™🔥

She is a great content creator, and her fans have gotten the best of her videos and have, in turn, supported her content. She has over a million followers and millions of likes.

Despite her challenges in maintaining her account, Mummie Francie has never disappointed her fans, and those who tend to come with negative comments have passed through her tough wrath.

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