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5 reasons why you must think twice before adding a 3rd baby

‘Mum of two’ is a popular phrase making rounds on social media in Kenya.

They are the ‘it mums’ in the parenting circles but it cannot be traced as to why mums of two are popular, celebrated and have fans compared to a mum of one or more than two children. You will see some celebs wearing t-shirts printed ‘mum of two’, several hashtags with the same phrase on various social media platforms (currently stands at almost one million tags on Instagram) and many debates advocating for ending conceiving at baby number two.

We don’t refute that children are a blessing and “like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth” but sometimes, having several children-especially within a short time span- can be all sorts of hectic. You will find such mums struggling and sharing their experiences with hashtags such as ‘2 under 2’ or ‘multiples mum’ (meaning a mother of twins or triplets and so forth). Nairobi News, therefore, brings you five reasons why you must think twice before adding a third baby if you are an ‘it mum’ of two:

    1. Raising children requires considerable time, energy and resources. Thinking about adding a third child will mean dividing attention and resources further among the children. As a parent, you must assess your emotional, physical, and financial capacity to provide for the needs of an additional child while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and meeting the demands of you existing family.
    2. Adding a third child can significantly impact the dynamics within the family. Siblings may experience changes in their roles such as first borns being put in charge of second borns so mum can focus on the third baby; and the relationships and attention received from parents to the first two children changes somewhat.  As a parent, you should consider the potential impact on your current children’s well-being and ensure you can provide adequate support and attention to all your children.
    3.  The size of your home, transportation and childcare arrangements should be the first thing you must carefully evaluate before adding a third child. A growing family may require adjustments to accommodate the needs of another child such as larger homes with more bedrooms, additional car seats or finding suitable childcare options.
    4.  Raising children involves a considerable emotional and physical investment. Adding another child can increase the demands on your time, energy and patience. It’s important to consider whether you feel emotionally ready and physically capable of taking on the responsibilities of a third child because it is easier to balance two kids’ needs between you and the children’s father. A third baby will mean you further straining to consider two kids at once and your partner the third in most instances.
    5.  Before adding a third baby, you should reflect on your own goals, aspirations and desires outside of parenting. Adding a third child can impact your ability to pursue personal interests, career goals or maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s crucial to find a balance between fulfilling parental responsibilities and maintaining personal fulfillment.

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