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5 strict instructions to access the power-room Ruto will use to address Kenyans

Located some 10km from the Nairobi city centre, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) hosts Kenya Kwanza’s communication centre.

CUEA was recently the site of the 2022 presidential debate that Azimio’s Raila Odinga gave a wide berth.

Its auditorium has a podium, from which Kenya Kwanza officials will issue formal communication regarding the elections.

This is the podium where Deputy President William Ruto would address Kenyans about the elections and results.

With CUEA hosting such a strategic venue, nobody goes in without security checks.

DP Ruto’s communication team had asked journalists to get accreditation to be allowed to enter. Anyone without an access card would be locked out, they said, without mincing their words.

No one goes through the gate without the cards hanging on their necks.

The facility has more than one gate. But guards are under “strict instructions” to direct everyone to use the gates where they can be checked for compliance with the security directives.

“Do you have our accreditation cards? Ensure they are on your necks all the time,” a security guard told us.

Past the gate is parking.

In the auditorium the flags of the parties under the Kenya Kwanza coalition have being mounted.

Two Kenyan flags were placed at the dais. A yellow banner with the coalition’s colours and writing decorated the podium.

There is a banner with the words “Ruto for President Communication Centre”.

Meanwhile, you here is a video tour of Azimio One-Kenya celebration center at KICC