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5 ways to beat Nairobi’s cold July weather

It’s July and the cold season is upon us. Sometimes Mother Nature has a new trick up her sleeves and she will do whatever it takes to make you struggle through the cold season.

During this month temperatures will dip, but innovative Nairobians to device new ways of staying warm over the chilly days and nights. Here are a few of tricks to keep the biting cold at bay:

1. Spice it up: One way to kick up the heat is by torturing your taste buds and gorging on spicy food. When you cook make sure you add extra pili pili in your food, especially if you are having soup as one of your main dish.

2. Get toasty (or toasted): Sometimes the cold weather calls for certain beverages that may not necessarily be native to Kenya. A hotty toddy, Irish coffee, or mulled wine might be just enough to warm you up on even the coldest days.

A cup of steaming black coffee

3. Get a hot bod: It’s easy to put on the pounds during the cold season.  Beat the belly bulge and get enrolled in one of the many fitness classes offered throughout Nairobi.

Whether you’re a yoga novice or you like hitting the gym, there is something for everyone out there. Plus, when the sun decides to come out again in September, you can hit the beaches of Mombasa feeling confident and looking, well, hot.

4. Dance the night away with hot guys and gals: For those that prefer partying until the sun comes up, there is no shortage of dance clubs and music bars in Nairobi’s nightlife.

Westland’s is one of the more popular locales to jam out to hip hop and electronic jams and meet other attractive youngsters looking to do the same.

Members of Congolese band Amitie Musica go through their paces at Zeituni Night Club in Mombasa.
Members of Congolese band Amitie Musica go through their paces at Zeituni Night Club in Mombasa.

5. Enjoy a hot cup of chai:  Although Nairobians tend to drink more coffee these days, chai (or, tea) was once the preferred beverage of the country. Whether in the office, at home or on the go hot chai has always kept the body warm.